Big Data

Database Marketing Services

One of Francloud’s missions is to be a premier supplier of database marketing and customer relationship management solutions. Francloud’s project management capabilities combined with the efforts of our strategic partners enable each of our clients to easily review the results of customer intelligence queries, ad hoc queries and business intelligence reports. Francloud manages the selection of data, enhancement of data, data hygiene, full turnkey email and print campaign management and social media strategies for each of our clients. Francloud submits a final campaign analysis, which includes go forward analytical strategies that meet both the success criteria and budget standards for each client.

B2B Multi-Channel

The multi-channel B2B Database is a hybrid file built from compiled and proprietary data sources and is a combination of postal, email, and phone data, as well as 14 selects to improve targeting. New standardization and hygiene techniques and de-duping algorithms are specifically designed for the unique issues involved with processing business data. Francloud’s strategic partner is continuously enhancing the business data and is currently upgrading Job Titles and associating each record with a Function code (e.g. Marketing, Accounting).

  • Size:
    • Individual Contacts: 40,000,000
    • Unique Companies: 18,000,000
  • Selects: Employee Size, Sales Volume, Title, Title Rank, Function Area of Responsibility, Area of Focus, Phones, SIC, URL and Gender
  • Channels: 16 million records with email and matching postal addresses, 36 million records with business phone numbers and 8 million small office/home office (1-9 employees)
  • Composition – Selections can be made by ring radius, State, City, ZIP, ZIP Ranges, DMA and SCF
  • Quality Assurance – The file meets all DMA privacy, security compliances and is fully CAN-SPAM compliant.

Consumer Multi-Channel

The multi-channel consumer database is a hybrid file built from compiled and proprietary data sources and combines postal, email, phone and mobile data, as well as 260+ selects to improve targeting. These selects include demographic, geographic, psychographic, lifestyle, interests, and behavioral data. The current CASS mail ready score is 99.2%.

Data meets all DMA privacy, security compliances and is fully CAN-SPAM compliant. We only carry data on people 18 years or older. We do not maintain Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit card data or FICO scores to avoid identification theft related issues. Currently, the email file is updated monthly with additions, changes and deletions of records. Other than email sources, all secondary suppliers update quarterly. The entire file goes through NCOA, CASS, DPV, Deceased Scrub, Name and Address Standardization. Email goes through three levels of hygiene processing and screening to ensure that email addresses known to be associated with SPAM traps and complaints are removed from the database.